About Me

Its me Muhammad Ali  commonly referred as Alipetarian mostly online. I am last year under-graduate student of computer science. I have spent almost my complete life out of home town. I was born in a village  in the remote areas of district Naushero Feroze, Sindh, Pakistan. I left my home at very early age to purse education and passed my elementary education from Iqra Public Higher Secondary School, Moro and I lived at my uncle house during that tenure as we lived in a joint family system.

Golden Days at Cadet College Petaro

I was lucky enough to get admission in one of the best cadet colleges of our country, my alma mater Cadet College Petaro. This is where I have spent my precious, golden and memorable days of my life. I made friends from every corner of Pakistan and from different culture. To be very honest, there are the tears in my eyes while writing about my college. I made never ending friendships and also learnt the ultimate truths of life. All in all, I wish I could live this life once more. I would have done a lot better at Cadet College Petaro.

I completed my secondary education from CCP. Alhamdulillah, I did it well. I started from toppers and  left at above average students. I know I could have done a lot more in terms of academics, But I am okay with that because I learnt so many other things along with studies which are definitely helpful in my life nowadays.

Right after secondary education. I applied in all armed forces of Pakistan. I cleared initially test for 3 forces of Pakistan i-e Pak Army, Pak Navy & Pak Air Force. I only appeared in commission exam for Pakistan Army. Fortunately or unfortunately,  I was not recommended. To be very honest, I was not mentally willing to join any arm forces due to variety of reasons. I believe I can do a lot better outside the forces. Perhaps, ISSB officers found it very quickly 🙂

University & Online Life.

I was lucky enough to seek admission in one of top IT universities of Pakistan i-e COMSATS, Isb soon after leaving CCP. I got admission BS CS  program. This is what I had intended for. In the very first semester some after my mid exams, I got a job in a small web design company Vabworld Technologies, Isb. It was not worth calling a web design company, It was only me with owner of company at office. There was not any project and I was made to find the project. I worked there for about 4 months without a single rupee as we had agreed on project basis. No project & No Money. I  did not gain any technical skills during my tenure there but I learned 3 most important skills of life.

  • To be confident
  • To be hopeful
  • To be patient

In the second semester, I again joined theme but this time I made abou 22k pak rupee in 6 months on project basis till the end of the second semester. During my summer vacations, I joined Fiverr and starting working as WordPress developer. I did very well there and based on my experience I was offered job with per month salary in the same office I was once working on project basis. But this job did not last much long. I had to leave because I was made to work like robot and job demand was higher than my capabilities. Soon after leaving the job, my fiverr account was banned because I accessed my account with public networks and it detected as multiple account. I had to start over. I used my fiverr account which I had created some time before but was not using. After few months, I was out sourcing the web projects in the same software company where I had worked once.

I worked alone till 4th semester But In 5th semester some where I started a small software house called MoroSoft.