How to Crack Camtasia Studio 9 in 2017 Ultimate Guide

All right! Thinking to start working on Youtube Channel, Its a great idea because relying on only one payment sources sucks and freelancing sucks very hard. Oh, You might not bee freelancer, but thinking to record some videos for some family member or friend or for anything else. Either way, ¬†you need latest versions of camtasia studio 9 working because camtasia studio is best video recording software available on the internet. Oops, this shit is not free! Well, No worries at all ūüôā Because, You are at the right place to download and crack Camtasia Studio in 2017.

To do list to Free Download & Crack Camtasia Studio 9 in 2017

Following is the list of the task that you have to accomplish in order to download and crack camtasia studio freely.

  • Clean up the environment
  • Block the inbound & outbound links
  • Free Download Camtaisa Studio 9 With Crack in 2017
  • Install Camtasia Studio 9
  • Crack Camtasia Studio¬†

Clean up the environment

If you have tried to crack camtasia studio with some other methods before, probably camtasia files are already present in your windows files & windows registry files. You need to get rid of theme first. Let us delete them one by one.

Deleting Techsmith Camtasia Files from Windows :

  1. In the address bar of windows explore or in run Type : %temp% and hit Enter. Now, It will open the temporary data of current user. Please delete complete temporary data.
  2. In the same way as mentioned above, Open windows app data folder buy typing “%aapdata%”. The process is same like in previous step. But this time only replace %temp% with %appdata%.

Deleting Techsmith Camtasia Registry Files from Windows  Registry:

Type regedit or regedit.ext in Windows run command as show above. Click on yes if prompted. It will open the windows registry files. Now delete the following entries. Something like this will be poped up.


Deleting Camtasia Registry
Deleting Camtasia Registry Files from windows registry


  1. Delete dromjmfile .  Follow the path below.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->  SOFTWARE Р> Classes Р> dromjmfile.
  2. Delelte TechSmith Folder if found at below path.
    For 64 bit Operating System, Also check the following path as well.
  3. Delelte TechSmith Folder if found at below path.
  4. Delelte TechSmith Folder if found at below path.
    HKEY_USERS->.DEFAULT -> Softwares


Block the inbound & outbound links

Now its time to block the camtasia studio 9 to connect with your internet connection. If it connects successfully, it will try to register the software or check its registration.  For that Please follow the following steps.

  1. Open windows Firewall settings by Firewall in start menu.
  2. Click on Windows Firewall & Advanced settings.
  3. Now Write click inbound link and click on New Link
  4. Click next & Enter the url of the Camtasia Studio.  It depends where the camtasia is installed. In most cases it is default directory: %ProgramFiles%\TechSmith\Camtasia 9\CamtasiaStudio.exe
  5. Repeat the step 4 for CamRecorder.exe

Now, Repeat steps from 1 -5 for outbound links. Please refer to the following picture for clear understandings.






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