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Hello Dolly, Welcome to NeverOverDues.com

NOD is the Tech blog of student, entrepreneur and a programmer who loves to learn & implement of new stuff everyday. This blog aims to provide the content to learn online and earn online so that you never over due 🙂

Man Behind This Blog:

AliPetarian, i-e Muhammad Ali   is a  under-graduate student of Computer Science at COMSATS, Islamabad. He had been doing freelancing for more than 3 years now. But relying on one earning sources sucks and freelancing sucks very hard. Now he is trying different methods of online earning. In this journey, he does not want to start this journey alone, That is why he started NeverOverDues to share what he learns online.

Areas of Focus of this blog:

  • Making Money Online or Online Earning
  • Web Designing & Web Development
  • WordPress
  • MeanStack

I am really excited and hopeful to take NeverOverDues to next level in very short span of time 🙂

I would highly appreciate your response and feedbacks 🙂


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